Get a Year’s Worth of Strategies & Resources to Grow Your Ecommerce Business’s Sales in 3 Immersive Days!

JUNE 1-3, 2023 // AUSTIN, TX
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The Most Powerful Tool to Elevate Your Business

I’d just grown my business from nothing to two million dollars per year. There was only one problem…I wasn’t making any profit. I knew how to run ads, but I didn’t know how to make real cash flow from the customers I attracted. So, I attended my first online marketing event…


There I learned the art of copywriting. I learned email marketing. I learned about upsells, cross-sells, and increasing conversions. Those skills gave me the ability to almost “print” money in my business by getting customers to buy more.

A few years later, I discovered how to drive sales with almost any product on Amazon (nobody was doing real marketing at the time on that platform). I wanted to show others what I was doing to help them…but I didn’t know how to reach them. So, I attended a live event for business owners who wanted to get to the next level. There I met David. David introduced me to Jason. Jason and I then built a company with $100 million in sales and billions in sales for our customers.

Lastly, just four years ago, I had a hunch about a new ecommerce opportunity. I talked with a good friend - a successful entrepreneur - who I met at SellerCon. He owns a business tapping into the same opportunity I wanted to explore! We partner up and build a $30 million per year brand. It’s been on the Inc 5000 list three times in a row, last landing at the #29 spot out of all 5,000 companies.

The biggest leaps in my business success have all come from attending live events filled with other entrepreneurs. That’s why I want you to join us at our event for ecommerce entrepreneurs, SellerCon. Here’s what you’ll get when you join us this June in Austin, Texas:

“The Biggest Leaps in My Business Have Come from Events Like SellerCon”

Discover Proven Strategies to Increase Ecommerce Sales from Real Entrepreneurs

Learn what’s working now to grow ecommerce sales from XX real experts over XX live, in-person sessions over 3 days. Get their best strategies to improve your business.


We hand-pick speakers for their experience and content, not for what they have to sell you. This is not a “pitch fest” where speaker after speaker gives a tid bit of content, then tries to sell you a multi-thousand dollar product to get their “real” strategies. We don’t let speakers sell you anything at SellerCon. All speakers must deliver specific, actionable strategies to help you grow your business.


From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, you’ll get the best strategies from XX of the top ecommerce, business, and productivity experts on the planet. By the time the event ends, you’ll walk away with the exact strategies to grow your business fast.

“It is hard to truly quantify the value of this event. There are so many benefits from attending SellerCon, ranging from Amazing inspirational talks from people who have been in our shoes to ideas for implementing practical solutions. This is a ‘must attend’ yearly event.”


“Excellent speakers, from the in-house speakers to the industry to the stellar keynotes. This event focused a lot more on business building vs heavy tactical focus as I've seen in past events. This was a great direction.”


“The experience was amazing! The speaker selection was awesome, very motivational and inspiring. All the information provided for the foundation, growth, and scale of the business was GOLD!! Thank you for pulling off such an amazing event.”


Confirmed Speakers for
SellerCon 2023

Co-founder & Chairman,
7-Figure Seller
7-Figure Seller

Meet People to Help Unlock Rapid Growth in Your Business

We have 2,000 seats available at SellerCon. We plan to fill every single one of them. The difference is…over XX% of seats will be filled by ecommerce business owners.

Entrepreneurs, not service providers.

Most ecommerce events today are filled with service and software providers there to hawk their products. Some events have over 100 sponsors who get speaking spots at the main event to sell what they have to offer to attendees. Not SellerCon. We only offer XX sponsorship spots total. Only XX of those gets a free speaking slot. That sponsor still has to deliver massive value.


Nearly every speaker is a real ecommerce or business expert.


With this environment, you can meet people on the same journey as you who can catapult your business to the next level. I know because it’s happened for me as I mentioned above. My biggest leaps in success have come from meeting key people at live events…people that I ended up partnering with later for huge mutual success.

We make it easy to build relationships with other driven ecommerce entrepreneurs by creating the right environment with the right attendees. We host each of these special experiences to help you meet your fellow attendees and the speakers to grow your success during the event:

  • Networking happy hour: Day 1 (June 1st), 5PM-7PM
  • Million dollar seller gathering: Day 2 (June 2nd), 5PM-7PM
  • Attendee party: Day 2 (June 2nd), 7PM-Midnight
  • Networking lunch: All three days (optional – extra fee may apply)

“The Entire Event Was Over The Top Motivating! Buckle Up!”

A Huge Part of Success as an Entrepreneur is Mental

Gain the Motivation You Need to Push Through to New Heights

Sometimes it feels like you know what you need to do to succeed…you just can’t figure out how to get yourself fired up enough to do it.

Other times, it feels like you’re on fire. You can do anything. Your motivation is soaring. You know what needs to be done. You do it with relentless energy.

How do you get more of that unlimited energy to drive your business forward fast?

A highly successful peer group: First, you need to get around the right people. When you surround yourself with motivated people on the same mission as you, you can’t help but to get amped up to increase your success. SellerCon is filled almost exclusively with real entrepreneurs, not hourly employees or people trying to sell their services. This event is for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

Proof from people who have done what you want to do: We all know the story by now of the four minute mile; one one guy did it, many others broke through that previously “impossible” limit. The same applies to business success. Once you’ve seen someone in-person who has achieved what you want, it’s now possible. Once you’ve seen many people who have accomplished the level of success you’re after three days in a row, your motivation to succeed shoots through the roof. You know KNOW it’s possible and BELIEVE you can do it too.

By the time SellerCon is over, your motivation will be at its peak. To use that motivation as fuel to grow your business, you’ll walk away with a plan to achieve your goals.

Leave with a Specific, Custom-Built Roadmap to Grow Your Business

With XX sessions over three days, you’ll get hundreds of strategies to grow your business. However, what do you do first once you get home for the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time? You need a roadmap.

In the afternoon of day 3 (June 3rd), I (Matt Clark) will personally lead you through an exercise to get crystal clear on what’s most important to grow your business. You’ll clarify where you want to go, what that looks like, how you’ll know if you’re on track, and what specific actions to take for the biggest results with the least time and effort. As a group, you’ll go through your notes, gather the strategies you want to implement, and prioritize them based on what matters most for your business right now.

Before you go home, you’ll have a step-by-step roadmap to grow your business.

The SellerCon 2023 Schedule

Friday 9a

Event Start

Sunday 5p

Event Finished

  • Networking happy hour: Day 1 (June 1st), 5PM-7PM
  • Million dollar seller gathering: Day 2 (June 2nd), 5PM-7PM
  • Attendee party: Day 2 (June 2nd), 7PM-Midnight
  • Networking lunch: All three days (optional – extra fee may apply)
  • Networking happy hour: Day 1 (June 1st), 5PM-7PM
  • Million dollar seller gathering: Day 2 (June 2nd), 5PM-7PM
  • Attendee party: Day 2 (June 2nd), 7PM-Midnight
  • Networking lunch: All three days (optional – extra fee may apply)
  • Networking happy hour: Day 1 (June 1st), 5PM-7PM
  • Million dollar seller gathering: Day 2 (June 2nd), 5PM-7PM
  • Attendee party: Day 2 (June 2nd), 7PM-Midnight
  • Networking lunch: All three days (optional – extra fee may apply)
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